Rewriting Justice

We are excited to share some information with you about an upcoming As One Project program, Rewriting Justice.

In cohort with a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lara Kassoff, As One is authoring an interactive workbook designed for parents of survivors entitled, “Rewriting Justice”.  The legal process can be draining and grueling, not just for the survivor but for their families as well.  Attaining legal justice through the criminal justice system is a rarity in today’s society. We are creating this program to help parents reframe their concept of justice and expand the possibilities for healing.  

The intended learning outcomes for this workbook include expanding friends and families’ definition of what justice will look like in their lives, increasing the level of self-awareness related to coping techniques and stressors, and providing alternative methods for processing and self-care. Through addressing concepts such as resilience, empathy, self-compassion, and gratitude, we hope to empower parents of survivors to attain a greater sense of agency around their healing process so that they can, in turn, better support their child.  We view this work as being distinct from trauma therapy and not a substitute for it.

As One knows how important it is for a survivor to have a strong support system.  We are determined to build the capacity of friends and family to be effective advocates and allies to the survivor in their lives.  Through this service, survivors of sexual violence will be surrounded by individuals and communities better equipped to help them heal. While this initial workbook is intended for parents, we plan on expanding this offering for siblings, friends, partners, teammates, etc. As One hopes to eventually expand the workbook into in-person workshops to allow friends and family to connect with and support each other.

We look forward to sharing Rewriting Justice with you soon!

  • Marilyn Richards

    I’d be interested in any updates on this. Will you please keep me informed?

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