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As we see all too often in the media, many times the focus remains on the experience of the perpetrator rather than that of the survivor. As we work to shift the conversation around sexual assault to be more survivor-focused, we have to make sure that survivors are receiving the help and support they need. However, not everyone feels confident supporting survivors of trauma, especially sexual assault. People may mean well with what they say but be unintentionally hurtful, or they may be afraid to say the wrong thing and instead hurt the survivor with their silence. They may want to drop everything and neglect themselves in order to meet the every need of a survivor. That’s where The As One Project comes in. The first non-profit organization of its kind, As One builds the capacity of individuals to effectively support survivors of sexual violence.

Survivors are at the center of the work that we do. By working to empower the communities around them, we employ an outside-in approach to bringing healing to survivors. We believe that, just as everyone has a role to play in ending sexual violence, so can each person play a role in bringing restorative healing to survivors. The As One Project provides the tools and information vital for healing to those who have not been directly impacted by sexual violence. By targeting this population, our work can serve those who have the greatest amount of power to aid a survivor’s healing process in a positive manner. Ultimately, the cumulative effect will be creating change and breaking cultural norms in communities, one person at a time.

The epidemic of sexual violence that exists in our country is an issue that permeates communities regardless of race, social class, gender, religion, ability status and sexual orientation. When one person is a victim of sexual assault, countless people around them are peripherally impacted by this heinous crime. The role of the survivor’s support system is critical in the aftermath of an assault. The community around a survivor needs to know how to best support the survivor otherwise they run the risk of re-traumatizing the survivor and impeding their healing process. However, due to the pervasiveness of victim blaming and rape culture in our society, many lack the knowledge and tools necessary in order to provide effective support for a survivor in the aftermath of an assault. In order to promote healing and re-empowerment, those around the survivor should take the time to learn about sexual violence, its root causes, and ways to provide safe spaces and communities in which survivors can heal. The As One Project hopes to be a valuable and accessible resource to those who seek to obtain this information. Thank you for visiting our site, and welcome to our community.

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